Broadband vs Leased Line

Broadband Vs Leased Line

Navigating the right internet choice for your business in the UK? Dive into the essential comparison between the communal ease of broadband and the dedicated, reliable lanes of leased lines, highlighting their impact on operations reliant on swift, dependable connectivity.

Evolving Remote Work Practices 2024

Evolving Remote Work Practices 2024 1 1Connect Ltd - Bringing IT and Communications Together

Adapting to the New Era: “Evolving Remote Work Practices 2024” Following our previous exploration in “3 Remote Working Lessons,” we delve deeper into the transformation that has reshaped our professional landscapes into 2024. The widespread adoption of remote work, initially a necessity, has now matured into a robust, dynamic approach to work life. This piece, […]

Why SMEs Must Prepare for the 2025 Landline Cut-Off

2025 Landline Cut-Off

UK’s BT will switch to VoIP by 2025, offering SMEs benefits like better call quality, savings, scalability, advanced features, and full-fibre broadband. Challenges include reconfiguration, with a focus on customer support and troubleshooting.

Unveiling Wi-Fi Bottlenecks in Business Networks

bottlenecks in business

“Is your WiFi speed teetering, leading to constant buffering issues and slow network performance? Discover ‘Common Signs Your Wireless Network is a Bottleneck’ in our upcoming blog to swiftly diagnose and manage your network problems. Deep dive into network traffic analysis, explore efficient router configurations, and learn about network QoS metrics for optimal performance. Improve your network speed today with our proven methods and network monitoring best practices.”

Full Fibre Myths (debunked)

Full Fibre Myths (debunked) 6 1Connect Ltd - Bringing IT and Communications Together

Discover the truth behind full fibre technology as we debunk seven common myths and misconceptions. Gain a better understanding of the advantages full fibre offers to businesses in the UK and make informed decisions for your digital future with 1Connect.

How secure are leased lines?

How Secure is a Leased Line

Worried about data security? Learn why leased lines are the ultimate solution for UK businesses, offering unparalleled protection and reliability for your internet needs.

Liverpool City Region Fibre Connectivity

Liverpool City Region logo 1connect

Is your Liverpool City Region business digitally connected? 1Connect in partnership with LCR Connect can light up your business with digital connectivity that gives your business a real commercial edge and opens the path to innovative, performance enhancing technologies. Our ultrafast full-fibre leased lines offer the ultimate business connectivity solution do the Liverpool City Region. […]

Fibre Bright : MAYFAIR

fibre connection Mayfair

Providing an ultrafast and dedicated fibre connection in Mayfair. Our ultrafast full-fibre leased lines offer the ultimate fibre connection in Mayfair with a dedicated business connectivity solution. Delivering identical upload and download speeds of more than 100Mbps and 1Gbps, our fibre leased lines supply a dedicated service, this means it’s dedicated to you, you don’t share it with anyone […]

5 key benefits of Wi-Fi 6

5 key benefits of wi-fi 6

What is Wi-Fi 6? Simply put, Wi-Fi 6 is the sixth generation of standard Wi-Fi technology. The wireless standards have always been a bit of a mouthful / confusing. Those in the know could impress those that weren’t with a quick referral to “802.11whatever” and that was it, your eyes glazed over. Here’s a quick […]

What is a WAN?

wide area network

What is a WAN? (Wide Area Network) In its simplest form, a wide-area network (WAN) is a collection of local-area networks (LANs) or other networks that communicate with one another.  A WAN is essentially a network of networks, with the Internet the world’s largest WAN. Today, there are several types of WANs, built for a variety of […]

5 Remote Work Questions

5 remote work questions

Thinking about remote work for your business? Working from home is here to stay.  Recent studies show that flexible work benefits both companies and employees. If your small business has always been office-based and you’re thinking of allowing flexible work options, here are the answers to a few questions you might have. How do you […]

Keeping remote work productive and secure

remote work productive and secure

Remote work in small businesses, or people working from home, have the same responsibilities and needs as in-office employees. To help them be as productive remotely as they would in the office, you need secure and flexible work solutions with around-the clock, work-from-anywhere collaboration, so everyone can meet, message, and share documents and keep projects […]

3 Remote Working Lessons

3 Remote Working Lessons we learned in 2020

3 Remote Working Lessons (learned in 2020) Change is inevitable, but who would have expected a global shift to remote work overnight? Close to a year on, and it’s called the ‘new normal’. While the initial transition was tough, businesses quickly began to eye the benefits of access to a wider distributed talent pool, better […]

Back to Business – EXTENDED

Back To Business

COVID-19 has delivered unprecedented challenges for business. Now, as we start along the road to recovery, it’s time to come together and provide the support needed to get back on track. To get businesses ready for their new normal, 1Connect has teamed up with Virgin Media Business to create two ‘Back to Business’ offers.In uncertain […]

Back to Business offer

Back to Business offer - Virgin Media Business

As UK Businesses start to return to the office and look to get back to business we’re introducing a special “Back to Business” offer. This offer reduces the initial on your new Virgin Media Business investment and eases cashflow for the first 3 months of your contract whilst providing a commitment to deliver the circuit on […]

Who is 1Connect?

who is 1Connect

Who is 1Connect? you might have known us as Square 1 Products For over 30 years we have been providing hardware supply, technical support, site surveys and first class customer service to 1000’s of IT Resellers. Today as 1Connect we’re now enabling IT Resellers to extend their product portfolio by offering Industry leading Hosted Telephony […]

Remote Working Tip #2

Shared Collaborative Documents

There’s no ‘watercooler moments’ at home but you can use team based applications for sharing documents like Bria Enterprise, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Dropbox Business to keep everyone feeling involved. For more information about team collaboration visit our Communications section HERE

5 reasons why your business needs Hosted Telephony

5 reasons why your business needs hosted telephony

Today’s workforce is more dispersed. It demands flexibility, grows unpredictably and expects advanced communication features like conferencing or caller ID to be intuitive, and come as standard.Traditional analogue business phone systems are ill equipped to meet the new demands of today’s workforce – which is one reason why more companies are switching to VoIP hosted […]

Using collaboration tools to keep work moving forward


To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, 1Connect has taken the precautionary step of asking all of our employees globally to work from home. We want to prioritise the safety and health of our employees, their families and our community. Even though we supply tools to help distributed teams to communicate and work from anywhere, it’s daunting to […]


Hyper Connectivity with 1Connect leased line technology

Business Agility, the ability of an organisation to respond quickly to changing demands, to be nimble and dexterous when it comes to resolving customer queries, may not seem at first to be one of the key outcomes being sought when an organisation implements a hosted telephony VoIP  solution. However, along with the opportunity reduce costs, increase value, integrate communications, […]

Better Patient Experiences with AI-driven wireless

better patient experiences with MIST technology

Mist is the first vendor to use Artificial Intelligence to make Wi-Fi predictable, reliable, and measurable. Setup is easy, with automated operations that let you focus on clinical operations and patient care instead of troubleshooting. WI-FI IS PREDICTABLE, RELIABLE AND MEASURABLE Set, monitor and enforce customized service levels for doctors, nurses, and patients such as […]