Business Agility, the ability of an organisation to respond quickly to changing demands, to be nimble and dexterous when it comes to resolving customer queries, may not seem at first to be one of the key outcomes being sought when an organisation implements a hosted telephony VoIP  solution.

However, along with the opportunity reduce costs, increase value, integrate communications, increase mobility and provide business continuity, gaining business agility is there to be leveraged by organisations looking a bit deeper.

So why should organisations be seeking greater business agility? What are the distinct qualities that allow organisations to respond rapidly to changes in the internal and external environment without losing momentum or vision?

At 1Connect, we believe that organisations of all size can benefit from improving their agility.

The hyper-connectivity of the digital world in which we now live means changes and opportunities can literally arise overnight and disappear almost as fast. Success in today’s world demands rapid responsiveness when you consider that 70% of the companies on the Fortune 1000 list 10 years ago have disappeared.

To improve business agility many organisations are deploying technology based solutions such as business analytics – using the data collected from customer touch points such as customer service, sales and service departments.

Others are using solutions that enable increased mobility for employees in the form of their being able to access business information from wherever they are; on the road, at home, even in meetings. All so the company can give the client the answers they need rapidly.

Such is the level of competition today, from new market entrants as well as established competitors, this speed of response has become a business imperative.

Solutions such as these, deployed from the cloud as a service, level the playing field for SMEs looking for enterprise class applications but also provide those larger firm the nimbleness their smaller competitors traditionally enjoy.

What is certain is that 1Connect solutions can help businesses become a healthier, more flexible organisation with improved speed, productivity, time to market and bottom line.

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