5 ways VoIP can improve your marketing strategy in 2023

As a "marketer", you're always looking for ways to improve your strategy and generate more leads. One tool you may have overlooked is a VoIP phone system.

As a marketer, you're always looking for ways to improve your strategy and generate more leads. One tool you may not have considered is a VoIP phone system. While it's well-known that VoIP systems offer more customer experience benefits than traditional phone systems, the advantages of VoIP go far beyond just communication abilities.

Here are 5 ways VoIP can improve your marketing strategy:


Local Presence Dialing:

With local presence dialing, you can match your phone number to the local area code you are dialing, giving you a local appeal that increases the chances of prospects answering your call. It also allows small businesses to expand their operations nationally and globally, reassuring prospective customers that your services extend to their local area.


Increased Conversion Rates:

VoIP allows you to make a personal connection with prospects and convince them of the value of your products. And since VoIP happens in the cloud, it provides all the benefits of a traditional landline system at a fraction of the cost. This means you can engage prospects wherever they are and convert them at a lower cost compared to other marketing channels.


Easy Campaign Management:

By assigning a different phone number to each campaign or region, you can easily track and manage your campaigns. Your VoIP dashboard provides all the information you need to understand how different campaigns are performing, allowing you to prioritise campaigns that generate a lot of calls from prospective customers.


Performance Analytics:

VoIP provides valuable insights into your team’s sales performance, allowing you to monitor individual performance and identify areas of improvement to help your team close more deals.

Call recordings enabled within a VoIP system also allow you to monitor the individual performance of your marketing team. For instance, you will know:

  • The volume of calls received by each sales representative
  • The average duration of each call handled by sales representatives
  • The frequency with which sales representatives are unable to answer calls and rely on voicemail.


Maximised Availability:

VoIP systems are virtual, meaning you can assign them to as many devices as you need. Desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and even desk phones can be used to make calls as long as you are connected to the internet. This ensures you’re available to your customers at all times, regardless of your location.

So, whether you’re working from home, traveling, or just away from the office, VoIP ensures you’re available to your customers at all times.

In conclusion our "5 ways voip can improve your marketing strategy" demonstrates how VoIP phone systems offer a range of benefits for marketers, from local appeal and increased conversion rates to easy campaign management and performance analytics. Don't miss out on the advantages of VoIP – add it to your marketing mix to convert more leads and increase sales.

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