Full Fibre Myths (debunked)

Discover the truth behind full fibre technology as we debunk seven common myths and misconceptions. Gain a better understanding of the advantages full fibre offers to businesses in the UK and make informed decisions for your digital future with 1Connect.

7 Full Fibre Myths (debunked)

As full fibre technology continues to transform the connectivity landscape, numerous misconceptions persist.
Here at 1Connect we want to help dispel these myths and uncover the real advantages that full fibre has to offer businesses across the UK.

In this article, we’ll tackle seven common misconceptions about full fibre, from cost and complexity to speed and location, and help you gain a better understanding of this game-changing technology. Read on to discover the truth and make an informed decision for your business’s digital future.

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Full Fibre is a costly investment

Investing in your business infrastructure and daily operations is crucial for success, and while it may come with a price tag, full fibre is an investment that pays for itself over time.

By boosting productivity and streamlining communication, full fibre eliminates costly delays and creates more opportunities for billable hours and revenue generation. In essence, choosing not to invest in full fibre can prove to be even more expensive in the long run.

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Only BIG businesses benefit Full Fibre

The belief that full fibre exclusively benefits large businesses is a widespread myth. The truth is, businesses of all sizes depend on fast and reliable connectivity to optimise efficiency and stay competitive.

Small business owners shouldn't let this misconception hold them back—embracing full fibre can unlock their venture's true potential and drive success in the digital landscape.

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Full fibre requires a complex installation process

The myth that full fibre involves a complex installation process is far from the truth. In reality, streamlined procedures allow your team to focus on their core tasks, while skilled technicians handle the installation and seamless transfer of existing data.

Trust in the expertise of 1Connect professionals to make full fibre installation a smooth and hassle-free experience for your business.

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Full fibre connectivity means lengthy commitments

Yet another myth we are here to debunk is that full fibre connectivity entails long-term commitments. This is far from the truth. In reality, contract tie-ins can be as short as one year, with many proactive businesses opting for flexible five-year deals before the copper switch-over.

The surge in full fibre adoption has also popularised "contract buyout" options, making it easier than ever to change plans or providers without delay. Don't let misconceptions limit your choices—full fibre offers adaptable contracts to suit your business's evolving needs.

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Full Fibre is Just About Faster Internet Speeds

While it's true that full fibre provides significantly faster internet speeds, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Full fibre connectivity offers much more than just speed; it also provides increased reliability, lower latency, and enhanced security.

This means that businesses can experience seamless communication, reduced downtime, and improved overall efficiency. Full fibre allows businesses to stay ahead of the curve in today's rapidly evolving digital world, enabling the adoption of innovative technologies and cloud-based services.

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Full Fibre is Only for Urban Areas

This common misconception leads many to believe that full fibre connectivity is reserved exclusively for businesses in large cities and urban centers. However, the truth is that full fibre networks are expanding rapidly, reaching smaller towns, rural areas, and remote locations to ensure businesses everywhere have access to fast, reliable internet connections.

Governments and service providers are working hand-in-hand to bridge the digital divide and ensure that businesses, regardless of their location, can thrive in today's digital landscape. Full fibre connectivity is becoming more accessible to businesses everywhere, offering unparalleled benefits to both urban and rural communities alike.

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Full Fibre Will Soon Be Obsolete Due to Wireless Technologies

Some people believe that the rise of wireless technologies, such as 5G, will render full fibre obsolete. However, this is a misconception. Full fibre infrastructure forms the backbone of modern communication networks, including wireless systems.

In fact, full fibre complements wireless technologies by providing the necessary infrastructure to support their growth and expansion. As the demand for data and high-speed connectivity continues to grow, both full fibre and wireless networks will work together to meet the ever-increasing requirements of businesses and individuals alike.

With the above seven myths well and truly ‘debunked’ are you ready to embrace the power of full fibre and elevate your business to new heights?

Don’t let myths hold you back! Get in contact today, and let our team of experts guide you through the process of implementing a tailor-made full fibre solution that meets your unique needs.

Experience the true benefits of fast, reliable, and flexible connectivity that supports your business’s growth and success. Reach out and unlock the full potential of full fibre for your business!

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