Broadband vs Leased Line

Comparing Broadband vs Leased Line connectivity is like comparing a bicycle to a Tesla

Broadband vs Leased Line

Leased lines and broadband connectivity are comparable to a push bike and a Tesla in that they both get you from A to B, but they differ significantly in terms of quality and speed.

Leased Lines are dedicated to you, are faster and more dependable.  For example, if 50 different businesses are utilising the same commercial broadband connection at once, there will be dropouts and slow internet speeds.

Broadband vs Leased Line differences

Below using the table we’ve highlighted 9 differences for you to consider when choosing the best business connectivity.

Difference Leased Line Broadband
Contention N/A Contended backhaul
Connection Speed Symmetry Symmetric Speeds Asymmetric Speeds
Downstream Speeds Up to 10Gbps typically ADSL2+: Up to 24Mbps (often less in practice) FTTC: Up to 80Mbps FTTP: Varies. Typically 100’s of Mbps
Upstream Speeds Same as download speed. ADSL2+Annex M: Up to 2.5Mbps (higher in theory) FTTC: Up to 20Mbps FTTP: Varies. 10’s of Mbps
Reliability High Average
Connection Metering Unmetered, Unthrottled connection Metered or ‘unmetered’ but subject to ‘fair usage’ with likely throttling
Installation Times 60-90 working days, typically 10-15 working days, typically
Support Levels Service Level Agreement provided. Probably 24/7 Support. Probably no Service Level Agreement. Support hours vary by provider
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