How secure are leased lines?

How secure are Leased Lines?

How secure are leased lines is a key question on everyone’s mind right now as more and more companies worry about the possibility of cyberattacks. Of course, the conclusion is definitive.

Ethernet Leased lines are also known as “private” lines, and that name is given for good reason. There is never any public traffic on your line, which reduces vulnerability. Your leased line provider retains that line exclusively for usage by your business only. This is covered fully in the SLA (service level agreement) that covers your connection.

In contrast to business broadband choices, which all employ dynamic IP, they frequently come with static IP addresses as standard. In addition to allowing you to operate your own network over the Internet, static IP addresses also improve the security of your connection.

Leased lines are proving to be one of the most effective and efficient solutions to increase security and reduce the danger of data disclosure because attacks on them are extremely rare. Hacking a leased line is significantly riskier than hacking a business internet connection, especially if wiretapping is involved, which necessitates being present where your offices are physically located.

How Secure is a Leased Line

It is advised that you upgrade to a leased line if you are worried about the security of your data because it is far more secure and can help you avoid attacks rather than merely recover from them.

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