Keeping remote work productive and secure

Remote work in small businesses, or people working from home, have the same responsibilities and needs as in-office employees. To help them be as productive remotely as they would in the office, you need secure and flexible work solutions with around-the clock, work-from-anywhere collaboration, so everyone can meet, message, and share documents and keep projects moving forward.

The Cisco portfolio of products and services across collaboration, security, and networking can help small businesses keep your remote work employees working productively, no matter where they may be located. Whether they’re at home or in the office, remote work employees can access the same secure set of tools they need to get their jobs done

  • Give everyone, no matter where they’re working from, the ability to easily communicate and collaborate securely.
  • Protect users and devices with verified access, threat detection, and cloud-delivered security, so your employees can work securely from any device, at any time, in any location.
  • Streamline remote work with easy to use video conferencing, messaging, and whiteboarding tools.
Work from Home

Small businesses can’t afford to overlook security; one cyberattack or data breach can kill your organisation. But with Cisco Webex®, security is built in. All of the Cisco collaboration tools are secure by default with encryption to protect the privacy of data in use and in transit.

If you don’t have a large IT team, you may be worried that getting set up will be a challenge, but Cisco solutions are designed to work together so it’s easy to get started and expand as your needs grow.

remote work productive and secure
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