Faster Internet Connection for Business

Better, faster connectivity is key for today’s modern business driving your systems, maintaining the highest levels of communication and availability from you to your client and providing access to the Cloud.
1CONNECT can offer a range of connectivity solutions to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes all backed by industry leading SLA’s.

What is a leased line?

A leased line is a fixed bandwidth, symmetric data connection that is dedicated specifically to supply faster internet connection for business.
Organisations utilising a leased line ensure that their internet connectivity speeds remain consistent and do not slow down at peak times due to other users sharing the available bandwidth.

faster internet connection for business

"Imagine having your own lane on a motorway reserved just for you with no other traffic allowed"

Leased lines are fully symmetrical which means that your download and upload speeds are the same.  This allows businesses to send large files, upload sizeable files to their web sites, use VOIP telephony, host web sites on office based servers and enables staff to access their work desktop PC’s or devices from home or on the go.

1Connect is helping to build a Faster Britain. It’s our ultrafast, digital infrastructure across the UK.

As the Government promises 100% Gigabit capability by 2025, 1Connect is playing a key role in this vision by building its Faster Britain network across the UK, working with its customers and partners to identify the right opportunities and locations to underpin the programme.

By re-using existing infrastructure, Faster Britain builds can be deployed faster than the competition by minimising disruption through intrusive, and often prolonged, digs.

A Faster Britain-enabled area will provide full fbre and access to ultrafast connectivity, supporting cloud-enabled and future proof technologies.

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      FibreOne - Ultrafast Business Broadband 200

      FibreOne is a full-fibre connectivity option aimed at businesses with smaller bandwidth requirements, whether it’s because they’re a smaller business, a smaller site, have smaller budgets or operate smaller teams.

      FibreOne still allows you to transform your capability and provides the perfect first step into the world of gigabit-capable full-fibre. It is suitable for business use with priority given to delivering on time and providing strong reliability and service response.

      FibreOne is delivered across the LCR Connect network. The network is physically separate from most other network operators which offer business broadband across the BT Openreach infrastructure.


      Ultrafast Business Broadband 200
      • 48 hours repair SLA (weekdays)
      • Proactively Monitored network to fix issues
      • UK based specialist support team

      FibreLight - Ultrafast Business Broadband 500

      Our full fibre FibreLight solution is a cost-effective, high-quality gigabit capable service.

      With the ability to increase bandwidth as your business requirements change, it’s a connectivity option that truly future-proofs your organisation.

      It’s suitable for business use with priority given to delivering on time and providing strong reliability and service response.

      FibreLight is delivered across the LCR Connect network. The network is physically separate to most other network operators which offer business broadband across the BT Openreach infrastructure.

      This separation is a critical differentiator. Broadband Service delivered across LCR Connect offers superior back up and resilience to services and applications that might follow primary routes on other networks.

      For organisations using Public and Private Cloud Services for generic applications such as Microsoft Teams or dedicated business applications such as Oracle, losing network connectivity for any time means significant operational disruption. The LCR Connect FibreLight business broadband network mitigates this risk by providing primary and secondary capacity and compatibility with the latest network technologies such as SD-WAN.


      Ultrafast Business Broadband 500
      • Low contention ratios of 8:1
      • 24/7/365 support for peace of mind
      • Provided with a full SLA

      FibreBright - Gigabit-Capable Direct Internet Access

      FibreBright is 1Connect’s full fibre Dedicated Internet Access service that differs from conventional broadband services which share capacity.

      DIA offers uncontended symmetrical bandwidth up to 10Gbps and beyond where specific requests are made, with typical availability at 99.99%.

      The service consists of a bearer circuit (usually 1Gbps, or 10Gbps) with the customer selecting the amount of dedicated internet capacity they need. This means that a 100/1000 service offers 100Mbps of dedicated internet capacity within a 1Gbit bearer.

      1Connect can then remotely upgrade internet capacity within the bearer upon customer demand.


      Gigabit-Capable Enterprise Access
      • 6 hours repair SLA
      • Proactively Monitored network to fix issues
      • UK based specialist support team
      Product FibreOne FibreLight FibreBright
      Bandwidths (Typical) Up to 200Mbps From 500 Mbps
      Up to 1Gbps
      From 100Mbps
      Up to 10Gbps
      Symmetry Asymmetric Symmetric Symmetric
      Managed router N N Y
      ONT Presentation (No router) Y Y N
      Symmetry Asymmetric Symmetric Symmetric
      IP Addressing Dynamic Static /32 Static /30
      Layer 3 Y Y Y
      Layer 2 National Y Y Y
      Layer 2 Local Y Y Y
      Support Office Hours Office Hours 24/7/365
      Fix time (Priority 1 & 2) 48 hours 24 hours 6 hours
      Minimum Term (Years) 3 2 1, 3, 5
      Connectivity 2 1Connect Ltd - Bringing IT and Communications Together

      Cisco SD-WAN

      As enterprises move applications to the cloud, applications and data need to be accessible from anywhere with security and speed. Cisco SD-WAN delivers applications to users and devices across any cloud without compromising on security, visibility, or performance.

      We have highlighted 5 use cases for Cisco SD-WAN and how it can benefit your business.

      Connectivity 2 1Connect Ltd - Bringing IT and Communications Together

      1: Secure automated software-defined WAN (SD-WAN)

      Enterprises are looking for an agile controller-based solution that meets the performance and security requirements of today’s workplace. Cisco SD-WAN provides comprehensive on-premises and cloudbased security, enabling enterprises to transition to a secure access service edge (SASE) architecture where and when it is needed, in a secure and agile manner.

      • Drive business agility with on-premises security and a cloud-delivered SASE model that best fits the need of organisations.
      • Ensure end-to-end visibility, segmentation policy management, and security enforcement across the network with a single WAN fabric.
      • Enable full integration with the cloud-delivered Cisco Umbrella platform for a truly zero-touch experience.
      58% faster implementation of policy and configuration changes
      65% lower cost of connectivity
      Connectivity 2 1Connect Ltd - Bringing IT and Communications Together

      2: Application performance optimisation

      Design a global network where critical enterprise applications always maintain the highest service-level agreements (SLAs) and optimal performance, even if problems occur in the network.

      • Visualise in-depth analytics and historical insights for troubleshooting and root-cause analysis with a single dashboard.
      • Mitigate network issues in real time with automated dynamic path selection, which automatically steers critical applications around network problems.
      • Route traffic more efficiently using URL categorisation to create separate policies around special types of Microsoft 365 traffic
      • Access multiple clouds using a single WAN fabric to securely connect users to cloud applications from anywhere.
      Average 48% reduced application latency across major deployments
      100% application uptime during hurricane blackouts for a national food distributor
      Connectivity 2 1Connect Ltd - Bringing IT and Communications Together

      3: Direct Internet access (DIA)

      DIA optimizes branch workloads while increasing security and improving application performance. The result is e!cient and cost-e$ective secure access to the network.

      • Accelerate to a SASE architecture with the cloud-delivered Cisco Umbrella platform, which o$ers protection against security blind spots and cyber threats.
      • Simplify security management with integrated workflows, unified security policies, and threat insights across branches and remote workers.
      • Provide the ability to segment and prioritise network traffic such as critical cloud applications, unified communications, guest access, and more
      94% reduction in unplanned downtime
      33% more e!cient in WAN management
      Connectivity 2 1Connect Ltd - Bringing IT and Communications Together

      4: Branch security

      Cisco SD-WAN provides WAN access and helps enterprises meet compliance demands on site while o$ering constant protection against all cyber threats from branches to multicloud SaaS environments.

      • Mitigate the latest security threats with an application-aware enterprise firewall, the Snort intrusion prevention system, powerful encryption performance, URL filtering, AMP, and more.
      • Ensure a consistent quality of experience (QoE) and predicable performance for critical applications.
      • Meet data compliance requirements in every major vertical, including highly regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, utilities, and government.
      • Add optional automated integration with Cisco Umbrella for a cloud-delivered SASE architecture.
      38% lower 5-year cost of WAN operations
      59% faster onboarding of new services
      Connectivity 2 1Connect Ltd - Bringing IT and Communications Together

      5: Multicloud access

      Connect branches and a remote workforce to multicloud applications seamlessly with unified visibility and management.

      • Accelerate multicloud access with Cloud OnRamp tools for software-as-a-service (SaaS) and public cloud infrastructureas-a-service (IaaS) applications.
      • Optimize Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and other critical SaaS applications in real time with visibility and control.
      • Automate the provisioning, work”ow management, and policy enforcement for migrating infrastructure to all major public clouds, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.
      • Consolidate cloud and Internet access into a colocation facility for consistent, centralised security policy enforcement independent of the cloud provider.
      40% improvement in Microsoft 365 performance

      Public cloud migration completed in 1 week (estimated 12 months) for a large tech company

      Connectivity 8 1Connect Ltd - Bringing IT and Communications Together

      Need more information?

      For additional information about Cisco SD-WAN click below and one of our security team will contact you.

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