5 VoIP Trends to watch in 2023

5 VoIP Trends to Watch in 2023

VoIP technology is continuing to improve and innovate, making a profound impact on communication. Here are 5 VoIP trends to watch in 2023

Which is better: SIP or VoIP?

Which one is better SIP or VoIP

We often hear the question ‘Which one is better? but lets start by saying that these aren’t actually mutually exclusive

The rapid adoption of IP Telephony and UCaaS solutions.

IP telephony

Market Research company ReporterLinker has recently published their European Hosted IP Telephony and UCaaS Market 2020 report.  The publication confirms that European businesses are rapidly adopting hosted Internet protocol (IP) telephony and unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) solutions in order to become more agile and more easily adapt to ever-evolving market conditions. It also states that the COVID-19 pandemic […]

What is SIP?


Understanding the SIP definition involves knowing how the technology can benefit your enterprise business. As it turns out, SIP trunking is all about ensuring everyone can share ideas, collaborate, and communicate with minimum hassle. Session initiation protocol (SIP) is the technology and the standard that empowers voice over internet protocol (VoIP) — VoIP being the […]

What is a Softphone?

what is a softphone

What is a Softphone?Definition, 12 Best Features, Benefits & More Anyone who has spent time looking into a business phone service has probably heard of a softphone. Chances are you’ve already asked yourself, what is a softphone? How does it differ from regular IP phones? And do you really need one? Keep reading for the answers to […]

5 reasons why your business needs Hosted Telephony

5 reasons why your business needs hosted telephony

Today’s workforce is more dispersed. It demands flexibility, grows unpredictably and expects advanced communication features like conferencing or caller ID to be intuitive, and come as standard.Traditional analogue business phone systems are ill equipped to meet the new demands of today’s workforce – which is one reason why more companies are switching to VoIP hosted […]


Hyper Connectivity with 1Connect leased line technology

Business Agility, the ability of an organisation to respond quickly to changing demands, to be nimble and dexterous when it comes to resolving customer queries, may not seem at first to be one of the key outcomes being sought when an organisation implements a hosted telephony VoIP  solution. However, along with the opportunity reduce costs, increase value, integrate communications, […]