5 VoIP Trends to watch in 2023

VoIP technology is continuing to improve and innovate, making a profound impact on communication. Here are 5 VoIP trends to watch in 2023
5 VoIP Trends to Watch in 2023

5 VoIP trends to watch in 2023

VoIP started as an alternative to landline phones and PBX systems.  The quality of the calls, additional features and scalability since this evolutions far surpasses that of landline and mobile calls hence why it’s so well adopted by business. However, VoIP technology is continuing to improve and innovate, making a more profound impact on communication. Below are 5 VoIP trends to watch in 2023.


5G Connectivity is Increasingly Commonplace

Mobile 4G connectivity brought us smart homes, remote monitoring, in-car media, remote desktops, and more all within reach due to the ehanced speed. With 5G becoming more available, cheaper and increasingly commonplace in 2023 the incredible bandwidth in this next evolution of mobile connectivity available will vastly improve speed and latency times for communication, especially for video conferencing.


Death of the Analog Telephone System

The number of people and businesses still using the conventional landline phone system is extremely small and is declining every year. Advanced smartphones and complex VoIP platforms that may support social media, phone conversations, video calls, SMS, and more have been developed in response to the need for more effective and modern communication.


VoIP Takes Over Mobile Communication

While many businesses have previously focussed on desk phones when transitioning to VoIP, mobile/cellular integration is the future. With smartphones becoming powerful enough, VoIP mobile integration will become the mainstay, integrating into the current VoIP system that businesses currently have. If you’re in a remote area with no mobile service, but do have access to the internet via a shared connection or public hotspot then you have the use of your VoIP system, and you can work from anywhere. 


The Increasing Integration of VoIP into Education

Communications systems are used in schools and universities daily.  Whether for online education, seminars, or in-class collaboration. Education is utilising VoIP’s unified communications capabilities to improve communication and learning. In light of the growing need for mobility in education, it is anticipated that the VoIP industry will develop quickly in 2023.


AI Technology Enhancing VoIP Solutions and Quality

The use of AI in VoIP is promising because it is already being utilised in organisations for voice recognition and chatbots. With the help of AI, you may analyse client calls to learn more about their sentiments, the significance of what they say, the quality of your call centre, the effect of your advertising, and how well customers respond to your goods and services. AI in VoIP technology can also notify you of insufficient bandwidth, latency, or faulty network setups before they affect your clients.

VoIP is already changing the business landscape and the future looks exciting.  Our predictions are based on our expertise and interest in VoIP emergence and its evolution.  We can’t wait to realise some, if not all, of these predictions in 2023.

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