Cybersecurity Readiness: A Closer Look at the UK Amidst Global Perspectives

Cybersecurity Readiness: A Closer Look at the UK Amidst Global Perspectives 2 1Connect Ltd - Bringing IT and Communications Together

October, renowned as Cybersecurity Awareness Month, invites us to delve into the intricate web of digital defence, scrutinising the efficacy and maturity of cybersecurity strategies across the globe and, more specifically, within the UK. By dissecting various stages of cybersecurity readiness, we discern not only the present state of affairs but also pave the way […]

Why Cisco for UK SMBs? Advantages of Choosing Cisco Security Solutions

cisco for uk smb

Explore why Cisco is the ideal choice for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the UK. Understand its advantages including robust threat protection, comprehensive support, cost-effective security solutions, and reliability. See how choosing Cisco Security Solutions is not only a smart business decision but also an investment in the future of your company.

UK Businesses and Digital Transformation: The Role of Cisco ThousandEyes

UK Businesses and Digital Transformation The Role of Cisco ThousandEyes

Explore how Cisco ThousandEyes, an advanced network intelligence tool, is revolutionising digital transformation among UK businesses. Gain insights into how this cloud-based network monitoring tool offers comprehensive network performance visibility, playing a crucial role in driving digital innovation in the UK’s evolving digital landscape.

Cisco Webex collaboration with Apple and Ford

Cisco webex collaboration

Cisco Webex collaboration with Apple and Ford. A Cisco Webex collaboration has been announced recently with Apple and Ford enabling users to AirPlay direct from their devices to Cisco Webex displays seamlessly.  Ford owners will extend the mobile powers of Webex by utilising next generation direct connection to meetings within the vehicle. The next time […]

5 key benefits of Wi-Fi 6

5 key benefits of wi-fi 6

What is Wi-Fi 6? Simply put, Wi-Fi 6 is the sixth generation of standard Wi-Fi technology. The wireless standards have always been a bit of a mouthful / confusing. Those in the know could impress those that weren’t with a quick referral to “802.11whatever” and that was it, your eyes glazed over. Here’s a quick […]

Cisco Refresh

Cisco Refresh

Shorter lead times, high discount levels, reducing carbon footprint.

Cloud Mailbox Defence

cloud mailbox defence image

What is Cloud Mailbox Defence? Cloud Mailbox Defence is an integrated cloud-native security solution for Microsoft 365 that focuses on simple deployment, powerful search, quick remediation, superior visibility, and best-in-class efficacy from Cisco Talos. Cloud email can be even more vulnerable to threats. It addresses gaps in Microsoft 365 security by blocking advanced email threats […]

Keeping remote work productive and secure

remote work productive and secure

Remote work in small businesses, or people working from home, have the same responsibilities and needs as in-office employees. To help them be as productive remotely as they would in the office, you need secure and flexible work solutions with around-the clock, work-from-anywhere collaboration, so everyone can meet, message, and share documents and keep projects […]

Who is 1Connect?

who is 1Connect

Who is 1Connect? you might have known us as Square 1 Products For over 30 years we have been providing hardware supply, technical support, site surveys and first class customer service to 1000’s of IT Resellers. Today as 1Connect we’re now enabling IT Resellers to extend their product portfolio by offering Industry leading Hosted Telephony […]