Cloud Mailbox Defence

What is Cloud Mailbox Defence?

Cloud Mailbox Defence is an integrated cloud-native security solution for Microsoft 365 that focuses on simple deployment, powerful search, quick remediation, superior visibility, and best-in-class efficacy from Cisco Talos.

Email remains the #1 threat vector
Cloud email can be even more vulnerable to threats.

It addresses gaps in Microsoft 365 security by blocking advanced email threats like ransomware, BEC, phishing, spoofing, and spam by leveraging proven Cisco Email Security technologies.

by 2021 70% of orgs will use cloud email
Cloud email creates a whole new set of security challenges.

Full conversation and message trajectory views allow insight into email traffic within your Microsoft 365 mailboxes, providing better contextual information needed to make an appropriate judgment.

90% of breaches occur via email
Cloud email doesn’t always have the robust security it needs to stop threats.

Cloud Mailbox Defence delivers rapid search results and provides for fast remediation directly from the dashboard — automatically or manually — without interrupting the regular delivery of messages

1 of the 3 most common email threats
Microsoft doesn’t offer all the cloud email protection you need.

To learn why email continues to be the #1 threat vector, explore the need for additional layers of security to protect cloud email, and see how Cisco Cloud Mailbox Defence is innovating the way Microsoft 365 email is secured contact one of the team today and see how implementing cloud mailbox defence will keep you and your business data secure. 

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