Cisco Webex collaboration with Apple and Ford

Cisco Webex collaboration with Apple and Ford.

A Cisco Webex collaboration has been announced recently with Apple and Ford enabling users to AirPlay direct from their devices to Cisco Webex displays seamlessly.  Ford owners will extend the mobile powers of Webex by utilising next generation direct connection to meetings within the vehicle.

The next time you need to share your Apple device’s display with coworkers or clients on a Webex device during a meeting, give Apple’s AirPlay feature a try.

This fantastic new feature will allow iPhone, iPad, and Mac users to share and display their screen via a Webex Room, Desk and Board series device using AirPlay.

For added security, administrators can require a PIN during the initial AirPlay connection, or every time someone tries to connect to the Webex device via AirPlay.

Cisco webex collaboration

Hybrid work is all about empowering people on their terms. I'm thrilled to further our collaboration with Apple to embrace just that -- we're helping customers use AirPlay with Webex devices to easily share content to create magical experiences.

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Modern business phone features

Webex offer traditional business phone features on iPhone, including hold, call park, transfer and conference

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Easy access to voicemail

Access you voicemail right inside the Webex App so you can keep working without skipping a beat

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Meetings on the go

Need to leave the office? Just transfer your meeting to your iPhone and keep the conversation going.

Cisco Webex collaboration, ultimate communication on the Go

With the new Ford EVs launching soon they have added a new 15.5-inch screen and entertainment system called SYNC® 4A. It’s a flexible system that uses HTML 5, like a website, to create new software experience and be updated over the internet with new, modern features as they are released.

Today, Ford announced it has unlocked the browser experience on SYNC 4A to connect with Cisco Webex and there will be a native Webex app right within the SYNC 4A screen for a seamless, collaborative experience.

Thanks to Webex Audio Intelligence, users can use the “Optimize for My Voice” Webex feature so that remote participants in a meeting would only hear the person holding a meeting, not anyone else talking!

Of course, safety is a huge priority for Ford. “We take driver distraction seriously, and how we manage that in a vehicle,” Palmer said. “We’ll make sure that any collaboration technology like Webex is deployed only when the vehicle is stationary, or if driving, in audio-only mode.”

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We’re looking at ways to bring the human connection in. We don’t see why people wouldn’t be using their vehicles as a fantastic quality office, to be able to collaborate together.” Ford sees their electric vehicles not just as a place to make a call or join a meeting, but making EVs the best place to hold a meeting.

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