CertaUPS C750 Three Phase Range of UPS

The C750 series of UPS systems offers true online double conversion with a unity power factor and high efficiencies

Introducing the CertaUPS C750 Three Phase Range

CertaUPS is bringing to the market a new line of three phase (3:3) UPS systems. Starting at 10kVA, the C750 UPS series is available in a range of kVA outputs for a plethora of applications in industries from data centre and IT to banking, commercial and retail.

"Providing high performance and manufactured with premium features, the CertaUPS C750 series of UPS systems offers true online double conversion with a unity power factor and high efficiencies"

Flexibility is achieved for the C750 with an adjustable charging current, battery configuration and the ability to configure the unit as three phase or single phase (3-3, 3-1 or 1-1) to meet utility and load wiring.

The critical power solutions from CertaUPS are among the most highly sought after across all industry sectors including healthcare, councils, IT, Telecomms, ISPs and data centres.

CertaUPS C750
  • Three Phase UPS system
  • Unity (1) power factor
  • High efficiency up to 95%
  • Configurable as single source input or dual source input for utility and bypass.
  • Out of the box connectivity with the IoT monitoring software App
  • Colour touch screen LCD display with gravity sensors.
CertaUPS Partner

Did you know CertaUPS has also supplied and installed a number of higher power, over 100kVA, three phase UPS solutions including for hospitals, data centres, life safety systems, commercial buildings, transportation hubs, manufacturing and logistics.

Their higher power UPS systems provide unparalleled efficiencies and a unity power factor whilst maintaining a small footprint. Available in modular or monolithic architecture, the range is flexible for all business needs and sizes.

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