Bringing Home the AI-Driven Experience.

Bringing Home the AI-Driven Experience. 1 1Connect Ltd - Bringing IT and Communications Together

Businesses need to keep remote users connected and productive while ensuring continuity and security.

Most organisations require basic information security, such as deep network visibility and enforcement, at all points of connection on the network. The work-from-home trend complicates this model by placing employees outside of traditional on-premises, organisationally secured access model, changing the way we interact with the network.

Our Enterprise @ Home solution helps IT teams, enabling them to proactively tackle these challenges quickly and efficiently, and ensuring business continuity. The solution can be deployed rapidly, with no requirement for an engineer on-site, and helps with operating and troubleshooting at remote sites. Juniper delivers a better user experience to boost employee productivity while simplifying operations and remote troubleshooting for IT teams.


Gain AI-driven insights into user experience at home and in remote office

  • Proactively troubleshoot and resolve issues from anywhere, using Marvis Virtual Assistant, proactive anomaly detection, and Dynamic Packet Capture.

Eliminate overlay VPN technologies while extending SSID and authentication services to remote offices.

  • By installing an access point and enabling Mist Edge, organisations can extend their network to a user’s remote location or home
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Extending the Enterprise with Mist Edge.

Eliminate costly and complex overlay VPN technologies while extending the enterprise network into employees’ homes. The Mist Edge microservices platform can be deployed in conjunction with Mist Wi-Fi access points and helps organisations to securely extend their organisational SSID and authentication services to remote locations

Simplify deployments with zero-touch provisioning for easy setup.

  • Just plug in the hardware, and it will be up and running.

  • IT team gains immediate insight into the user experience with the ability to resolve or identify any problem autonomously managed in the cloud.

Easily monitor business Wi-Fi and keep corporate traffic safe by separating home use and business traffic

  • Wall-off traffic between the business and other users in the home using Mist Wi-Fi Access Points and Mist Edge.

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Bringing Home the AI-Driven Experience. 2 1Connect Ltd - Bringing IT and Communications Together
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