Cloud vs Landline

Setup costs, running costs, scalability, features included, ease of setup and ongoing management, hardware required, flexibility and disaster recovery.

These are just some of the key considerations you must take in to account when comparing a Cloud telephony solution against traditional, legacy based telephone systems.

When Cloud technology first burst on to the scene there were some valid concerns surrounding the reliability of it compared to the copper wire powered PSTN we had been used to for so many years. But as the technology continues to evolve and the uptake in its adoption continues to increase in volume and the size of businesses taking it up, the concerns no longer stand up today.
Our comparison explores aspects of both so you can see some of the key fundamental differences.
  Cloud Landline
Hardware required to run Internet connection Onsite PBX, dedicated landline
Scalability Seamlessly scales up or down with online account changes Extra equipment/landlines required to be installed
Ease and cost of setup Signup online, no setup fees Onsite engineers required, costs for installation
Geographic flexibility Phone(s) can be plugged in wherever there is internet availability Engineers required to move fixed line to different location
Taking calls on the go Flexible routing plans are easily configured through an online dashboard More rigid; can be costly and require complex configuration
Standard features (Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Music on Hold + more) Inclusive with any standard service subscription Often only available with additional charges
Contract terms No contract; monthly-rolling that can be cancelled any time Often 24-month contracts, costly to get out of
System upgrades or maintenance Handled by the provider at no cost and will instantly take effect in the cloud Can be costly and will typically require engineers called out onsite
Voicemail options Messages stored and retrievable in online account and sent to email (Voicemail to Email) Typically stored via answering machine

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