How a Managed Website Can Boost Your Sales Pipeline

managed website

Discover how a managed website can significantly boost your sales pipeline, increase revenue, and optimise your sales funnel. Uncover the crucial benefits of website management for business growth, from enhanced lead generation to efficient CRM. Harness the power of analytics, optimising your sales conversion rate, and explore effective website strategies to catapult your sales acceleration. Read on to delve into the world of managed web services, effective sales techniques, and how to leverage the website as a formidable sales tool to turbocharge your business growth and profits.

Why SMEs Cannot Ignore Digital Transformation Anymore

Why SME’s cannot ignore Digital Transformation

Uncover the urgency and immense potential of ‘Digital Transformation for SMEs’ within our latest blog post: ‘Why SMEs Cannot Ignore Digital Transformation Anymore’. Delve into the importance of digitalisation, its numerous benefits and the strategic roadmap that could secure future growth and sustainability for your business. Learn how to leverage disruptive technologies and drive customer experience whilst overcoming digital transformation barriers. Enhanced with case studies, statistics and best practices, it’s a must-read for any small business looking to gain that much-needed competitive advantage.

Why Your Google My Business Listing Matters More Than You Think

Google My Business

Explore why your Google My Business (GMB) listing is far more than a mere marketing tool. Learn how it serves as the digital storefront of your business, significantly enhancing your local SEO, increasing the visibility of your business on Google Search and Maps, and reaching a vast audience. Discover the unique features of GMB listings and how they showcase customer reviews and business performance insights. Understand how to optimise and rank your GMB profile, encourage customer reviews, and convert GMB visitors into customers. Unearth the importance of GMB for small businesses, its impact on mobile searches, and how to integrate it with your existing marketing strategies. Understand why your Google My Business listing matters more than you think.

Transforming Sales Strategies: How E-Commerce Empowers Account Managers,


Explore the potential of e-commerce in transforming sales strategies and empowering account managers. Discover how leveraging e-commerce platforms can provide innovative digital sales strategies, enhance account management techniques, and optimise sales. Learn how to use analytical tools for informed decision-making and maximise sales growth with the right e-commerce tactics. Harness the digital era opportunities to secure a competitive edge in the sales sector.

Transform Your Business with Digital Solutions

Transform Your Business with Digital Solutions 2 1Connect Ltd - Bringing IT and Communications Together

Explore the power of business digital transformation in our latest blog post. We delve into how UK SMEs can leverage digital marketing development to enhance customer experience, and drive growth. Discover why a tailored digital strategy could be the game-changer your business needs.

Website Security in 2023

Website Security in 2023

Outdated WordPress themes & plugins leave your website vulnerable to hackers. Ensure your website security is maintained regulary to protect against downtime and data loss.