What is Contact Tracing?

What is vBLE?
What is Contact Tracing?
What is Asset Visibility?

Mist Asset Visibility Service makes it easy to find key assets and people with detailed analytics with respect to location.
With their patented virtual Bluetooth® LE technology (vBLE), the same infrastructure for engaging with mobile users can be used for asset visibility. vBLE and machine learning in the Mist Cloud deliver in-room and zone-level accuracy for objects that have a Bluetooth LE asset tag or mobile devices with Bluetooth radios.

Contact Tracing is a unique and powerful solution for promoting personnel and guest safety as part of your comprehensive business continuity plan. The solution leverages AI-driven analytics, self-driving Wi-Fi, and patented virtual Bluetooth® LE (vBLE) technology to enable seamless and cost-effective deployment of mission-critical use cases, including hot zone alerting, user journey information, and proximity tracing, to help minimize any further exposure.

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