Transforming your business

Transforming your business through new ways of working

Being future-ready means evolving your digital workplace and enabling ways of working that get the most out of your teams.

1Connect Call2Teams featuring Microsoft Teams Direct Routing has all the features and capabilities to give you peace of mind that the next step on your Unified Communications journey will deliver the right outcomes for your business:

transforming your business

Taking Microsoft Teams to the next level

By integrating the public telephone network with Microsoft Teams in a single, secure cloud-based system, your team can unlock the added benefits of seamless external communications from any device, anytime, wherever they are located.

Transforming your business 1 1Connect Ltd - Bringing IT and Communications Together

Feature Benefits

No hardware / Software required resulting in no upfront investment and quick and simple setup.

Call2Teams brings together Microsoft collaboration and 1CONNECT’s Hosted PBX all sat within the Microsoft environment. Meaning one single platform for Voice and Collaboration within Microsoft Teams environment. Full Call Capability on all devices within MS teams on PC, MAC and mobile to enable for productive remote working. IT Administrators only have to manage one single software platform.

Unlimited call bundle to Local, National & Mobile Numbers equals cost savings against MS current call plan options. Cloud based OpEx model requiring no upfront investment for hardware and software. Fixed per user, per month cost meaning always in control of cost and no Bill shocks!

Feature and call control enhancements Call bundles including call recording, call reporting and analytics.

Guaranteed 99.9% call availability Resilient Architecture - Load shared across UK dual data centres.

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