MIST Contact Tracing

reducing the risk of Covid-19 in the workplace

The Covid-19 threat has exposed a number of unforeseen threats to the enterprise’s other invaluable assets, including people and processes.

MIST is a leading edge Wi-Fi system that provides contact tracing capabilities via A.I. and patented low energy Bluetooth Technology, and provides a unique and powerful solution for promoting personnel and guest safety as part of your comprehensive business continuity plan.

Mist’s location services can provide the following solutions, reducing risk for the workspace by providing a platform that enables the following:

  • Journey Mapping: View traffic patterns and dwell times for individuals who have self-reported testing positive for COVID-19, from the moment they came onsite to their departure, from 24 hours to 2 weeks or more.
MIST Contact Tracing 1 1Connect Ltd - Bringing IT and Communications Together
View historical traffic patterns and dwell times for individuals who have reported testing positive for Covid-19 – from the moment they came onsite to their departure.
  • Proximity Tracing: Once the user journey has been mapped for the individual who has self-reported, the next step is to get information on what other devices were in the areas frequented by the impacted person. Both of the above are enabled by leveraging location for connected Wi-Fi devices, associates wearing BLE badges, or running their associate productivity app on their devices that has been location enabled.
MIST Contact Tracing 2 1Connect Ltd - Bringing IT and Communications Together
Quickly identify the proximity of users who have reported testing positive for Covid-19 to other team members.
  • Hot Zone Alerting: Alert your employee health, safety, and security team of congested areas with real-time, location-based alerting so that they can disperse crowds to minimize transmission risk, based on passive BLE/passive Wi-Fi signals, or the more deterministic people-counting capabilities with BLE badges.
MIST Contact Tracing 3 1Connect Ltd - Bringing IT and Communications Together
Disperse or divert traffic away from congested areas with real-time, location-based alerting. View trends over time to identify troublesome areas for proactive actions.

The MIST solution consists of the following elements;

  • Access Points: The Mist family of access points support standards-based Wi-Fi, vBLE, and IoT to help locate and interact with individuals and devices.
  • Mist Cloud Services: Mist’s Wi-Fi Assurance, User Engagement, and Asset Visibility services enable basic user continuity services, such as zone-based analytics and real-time reporting on hot zones by leveraging Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE. With Mist’s Premium Analytics Service, customers can benefit from user journey reports (either via connected Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Badges, or Mobile apps), Contact tracing reports as well as Compliance reports on whether areas with prescribed capacity utilization were actually followed. In addition, given the focus on hygiene, customers can also track areas where cleaners have gone during off hours to ensure all areas of the building have been visited by the cleaning team.
  • Ecosystem: Mist has an open SDK to easily integrate the above capabilities with 3rd party applications to assist with contact tracing. By leveraging standards-based vBLE, the Mist solution seamlessly works with Apple, Google, and other devices using standard BLE beacons. In addition, Mist has a wide array of BLE partners for integration with 3rd party tags, wayfinding solutions, and messaging platforms.

User safety is key in business continuity planning, MIST can play a major role in reducing the risk to  employees, tenants, pupils, guests and visitors in your workspace, as well as providing an incredible Wi-fi user experience.

1CONNECT is a proud partner with MIST, find out how we can help you maintain safety in whatever environment you are in.

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