How the energy crisis halted the Premier League

How the energy crisis halted the Premier League in October.

The energy crisis is a growing issue across the globe, and it’s having a major impact on businesses everywhere.

In October 2022 the Leeds United Vs Arsenal game was halted due to a power cut that caused issues for the VAR (Video Assistant Referees) and goalline technology.

The incident highlighted the devastating effects of an energy crisis on businesses, even some of the UK’s largest like the “Premier League” and the importance of having a battery backup such as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Businesses are particularly vulnerable to the effects of an energy crisis, as power outages can cause serious disruption to your operations. Without a reliable power source, you risk losing customers and revenue, as well as damaging your reputation as your business ceases to be during a power outage. This is why its essential for businesses to ensure that their operations are not impacted by power supply issues.

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Power outages are an everpresent threat to businesses, so its essential to ensure that your operations are protected. With 1Connect, you can be confident that your business is safe from the impact of a power outage.

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