5 Benefits of Unified Communications (UCaaS)

5 Benefits of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) that Every Business Needs

Like SaaS (Software as a Service), the acronym “UCaaS” is industry terminology.  However, when you hear the acronym explained (Unified Communications as a Service), things get much simpler and more attractive.

While many businesses may be unaware of the advantages that UCaaS offers, having services that can be rapidly scaled to your needs and that create autonomy, reliability and continuity are invaluable regardless of your business size.

We’ve compiled the top 5 reasons UCaaS will improve your business communications forever.

1 Collaboration: Businesses large and small are moving more of their services to the cloud, and one of the primary reasons is enhanced collaboration. With cloud-based services, you can share data with other employees instantly across all of your departments and branch locations. The collaborative tools that cloud-based communications services provide make it much easier to get everyone on the same page in an efficient manner.

2 Scalability: The goal of every business is to grow, and you need to be thinking long-term to ensure that your current business model provides the elasticity needed for rapid expansion. Since UCaaS composes such a large part of every user’s business model, it is reassuring to know that it can be scaled without headaches. With cloud-based services, you can easily scale your communications network efficiently and cost-effectively, making it superior to on-premises solutions.

3 Self-Service: Autonomy is more intriguing than ever before, and most businesses are craving more control of their communications services. With services that allow you to update your subscription on-demand, you’ll have more control – and thus greater satisfaction when upgrading to a UCaaS solution.

4 Global Accessibility:  Global access can be achieved through the cloud, and in an increasingly globalised business landscape, this is an attractive quality for business.  The global accessibility and versatility you can achieve with UCaaS services is unmatched.

Business Continuity:  Power outages are common occurrences, and a single outage can cost your businesses a lot of money in lost revenue. UCaaS provides superior business continuity by offering you a way to manage your entire telecom network from a cloud-based platform, thus enabling you to continue operations, even when your on-premises network is experiencing an outage.

Business owners are typically overwhelmed with work on a daily basis. But the reliability, autonomy, and accessibility that come with UCaaS can offer you relief beyond the basic features of the integral system itself…something every business owner appreciates and deserves.

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