UPS Partnumber comparison resource

Struggling to find the right replacement part for your equipment? Let 1Connect help! As an authorized partner with CertaUPS, we can assist you in finding the equivalent part code for your APC products or other established vendors.

Here at 1Connect we are consulted often by customers to find the equivalent part code for CertaUPS when they are accustomed to purchasing APC products or one of the other established vendors in the UPS marketplace.

We understand that finding the right replacement part can be a daunting task, especially when transitioning from one brand to another. That’s why we’ve created this UPS Partnumber comparison resource to make it easier for you to identify the right product code and ensure compatibility with your equipment.

Whether you’re looking for batteries, power supplies, or other components, we have you covered.¬† Our experts can advise¬† all aspects of UPS products with ease as authorised CertaUPS partners.

CertaUPS Partner
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