Microsoft Teams Integrated calling made easy.

Throughout the world Microsoft Teams is making its mark as chat-based collaboration platform complete with document sharing, online meetings, and many more extremely useful features for business communications. The uptake in the use of Microsoft Teams has exploded amid the Coronavirus pandemic as 12 million users have been added daily.

Business is finding that having an excellent Teams space is key to being able to make creative decisions and communicate with one another and now, with 1Connect hosted telephony service Call2Teams, you can make and receive calls on any device you have Microsoft Teams enabled.

However, what makes this service indispensable at this time when business knowledge workers who are locked down by the Coronavirus and working from home is that there is no hardware or software to install. The service can be set up in minutes and, just like any application provided via the cloud, it is consumed by a simple monthly subscription.  

Introducing 1Connect ANYWHERE, two best in class hosted PBX phone bundles both with inclusive 2000 National AND 2000 Mobile minutes for one low monthly special price, choosing the Call2Teams bundle provides full integration with Microsoft Teams.

For those critical workers still having to go in to the office each day the service compliments or even replaces existing handsets.

Users are finding that adding calling to Teams increases productivity especially as this service works on the desktop as well as mobile devices and can be enabled for specific workers, groups or company-wide.

Organisations that have hurriedly put in place home working solutions are often overlooking the data security aspects of their set up so will be assured to know that with 1Connect Call2Teams Enterprise grade encryption and security are built in.

At a time when companies need all the help possible to maintain their market presence and competitiveness this solution from 1Connect will keep them in the game.   

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