5 Benefits of Your Clients Switching their Landlines for Hosted VoIP

5 benefits of your clients switching their landlines for Hosted VoIP

Vaccines are readily available (in the UK alone over 53,000 people have had at least their first jab) there is finally some hope that the pandemic is drawing to a close and businesses can return to normal operations (or whatever that new routine looks like). Of course, the end of one chapter, though it will likely drag on longer in many areas, often leads into another.

How will that story change for your business clients? Are their work environments the same as they were 14 months ago, or did they go remote or hybrid? What will it look like after the pandemic restrictions lift? Those are just a few of the questions MSPs (managed service providers) need to ask their clients, and the answers they provide could significantly impact their IT infrastructure and future support needs.

Office workers may leave their makeshift home offices and head back to the corporate headquarters. Others may remain in a remote work situation or only travel into the main facility one or more days a week. Each case can require MSPs to provide different solutions and deliver a distinct set of IT services.

Now is the perfect time to reevaluate client needs and how your team assists them with their new workspaces and business objectives. Are they still making big monthly payments to the local or national telephone companies for inflexible landlines they rarely use?

MSPs can use these discussions to assess the hosted VoIP option during these discussions. Why? Cloud-based phone service is preferable to many SMBs because of its scalability, functionality, and flexibility. These solutions are, by design, enablement tools for remote and hybrid workers. While landline usage is declining quickly, far too many businesses are still paying a significant amount monthly for a service that delivers very few benefits.

In an increasingly demanding corporate environment, MSPs should be evaluating multi-functional business solutions that enhance the overall end-user experience. Look no further than hosted VoIP. No matter what location an end-user is working from, these vital communications tools keep them connected and collaborating.

Here are just a few of the many advantages your clients will experience after moving from landlines to a hosted VoIP solution:

5 benefits of your clients switching

Reduced Monthly Costs: Nothing catches a business owner’s attention like promises of financial savings. When revenue and profitability are unsteady (like amidst a pandemic), investing in new communications equipment and other expensive applications is certainly not top of mind. VoIP systems can leverage existing desk phones and other devices (smartphones and PCs, for example). With a solution provided by 1Connect you can save your clients even more, ensuring they pay only for the lines actually in use, not the number of phones in their offices.

2 Scalability: Hosted VoIP is cloud-based, so it is incredibly scalable, making it simple for you to add or downsize their phone systems. Instead of the hassle of new headsets and cabling to accommodate additional extensions, MSPs can effortlessly add or remove employee extensions and configure a variety of features. Hosted VoIP naturally promotes workforces on the go. Whether in the office, at home, or at an airport, as long as there is an internet connection, users can receive calls using their business phone extension

3 Reliability: COVID 19 was a reminder to business leaders that they must always prepare for the unexpected. What if another pandemic or a natural disaster occurs? Cloud-based telephony reduces the risk of losing essential communications and preventing business-obstructing interruptions. In the case of an outage, employees can route calls to other sites, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices to continue their normal activities.

4 Feature-Rich: Hosted VoIP allows organisations to take advantage of numerous features that can increase customer satisfaction and employee productivity. Your clients can utilise tools such as:

  • Call routing based on time of day or day of the week. They can redirect incoming calls to any landline or mobile phone or ring through multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Email and text notifications of new voicemails or faxes.
  • Virtual receptionist Heads Up Display (HUD). Users can see which co-workers are on calls, set their own presence status, transfer calls, chat, and do other activities.

5 Integration Services: Never underestimate the value of streamlining processes and saving time for your clients. Connecting vital work applications can eliminate headaches for everyone, including end-users, colleagues, partners, and customers. When used in tandem with their CRM tool, employees can view customer contact and billing information for calls associated with a listed account. Your clients can also integrate email services and internet browsers with an easy click-to-call option.

In conclusion.

Today’s businesses aren’t necessarily looking for tools but solutions. 

For example, project delays, waning customer satisfaction levels, or lack of disaster preparation are problems MSPs can address for their clients. Every organisation has at least one pain point (often several) that providers can fix with the right solutions. 

Hosted VoIP offers several clear advantages over traditional phones and landlines. MSPs can leverage these technologies to meet the changing demands of today’s businesses, especially those dealing with the move to remote and hybrid workplaces. In a world turned upside down by the pandemic, hosted VoIP brings flexibility, cost savings, and time-saving features that virtually every one of your clients will appreciate.  Now is the time to rip out those last remaining landlines and start modernising their communications and businesses. 

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