Russell Hobbs

1Connect case study

Case Study Concern

Russell Hobbs had a very basic and cumbersome connectivity network. The requirement was to connect all the sites together, providing fast and seamless connectivity between the sites and a central internet breakout. Each site hosted a number of users, so a mix of connections was key to help manage budget. In addition to connectivity, a firewall solution was required at the centre of the MPLS. Russell Hobbs also had 400+ remote users which required VPN access to systems into Germany.

Concerns Identified

• Provide a faster more simplified solution for multi-site connections
• Companywide connectivity to fall within budget restraints
• Cyber security for both site based and remote workers
• A central internet breakout to managing cyber security

Case Study Solution

A powerful and secure MPLS WAN using a mixture of Ethernet and Broadband connectivity was built and connected to a core Juniper backbone. Internet access was streamlined and provided from the centre of the MPLS WAN, protected by an externally hosted and managed resilient FortiGate Firewall solution. Additionally, Russell Hobbs benefited from an IPSEC VPN solution connecting 400+ users back to the German office systems.

Solutions Identified

• Solution utilised both Ethernet and Broadband connectivity
• Juniper Networks hardware provided MPLS foundation
• Fortigate proved to be the most effective for cyber protection
• IPSEC VPN securely connected users to European systems

Case Study Benefits

The MPLS solution has helped the Russell Hobbs workforce and data systems to benefit from a faster and more secure connection. Within the MPLS all internet communication is through a single internet breakout allowing for a more focussed cyber security solution from Fortinet firewall. Additionally with MPLS using a cost effective mix of Ethernet and Broadband there is scope for future scalability.

Benefits Identified

• Connecting all sites into a secure MPLS WAN
• VPN access back to Germany
• Scalability for future growth
• Hybrid solution to keep costs manageable
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