Medina Dairy

1Connect case study

Case Study Concern

Medina was growing fast and the current estate was disparate and unable to cope. It proved difficult for multiple sites to communicate with one another and connectivity was noticeably slow. Part of Medina’s expansion plans required an upgrade of their connectivity to help improve efficiency including the multi-site use of SAP.
Additionally, Medina was creating substantial amounts of data and needed this storing securely off-site.

Concerns Identified

• Current communication systems were identified as inadequate
• Multi-site connectivity was slow causing delays
• Companywide use of SAP required a connectivity upgrade
• The rise of big data required a secure off-site storage solution

Case Study Solution

A powerful MPLS WAN was built using a hybrid architecture of Broadband and Ethernet to service each site. Utilising several different suppliers and several connectivity technologies including ADSL2+, FTTC, GEA, EFM and Fibre an agnostic network was created which connected back to a Juniper Networks backbone.
The storage of data was delivered through a colocation solution housing hardware within a secure Leeds based datacentre.

Solutions Identified

• Solution utilised both Ethernet and Broadband connectivity
• Multiple connectivity technologies utilised to create network
• Juniper Networks hardware provided network foundation
• Colocation solution provided secure off-site data storage

Case Study Benefits

The MPLS WAN solution provided Medina with a faster and more secure connection between sites, allowing for easier communications and the use of SAP across multiple sites. The efficiencies were achieved using multitude of connectivity technologies and partners enabling Medina an agnostic network.

The network was created using Juniper Networks hardware in a secure datacentre which also provided colocation facility for secure storage of large amounts of data.

Benefits Identified

• Connecting all sites into a secure MPLS WAN
• Solution efficiencies using multiple connectivity options
• Cost efficiencies utilising multiple partners
• Colocation facility delivered secure data storage needs
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