1Connect case study

Case Study Concern

An innovative Multi Academy Trust (MAT) in the north of England required a solution that met some key objectives and enabled them to provide a better service to both staff and students. Their existing disparate infrastructure prevented the adoption of any joined up operation and this silo structure trapped in cost due to replicated processes.

Concerns Identified

• Provide the tools to engender a collaborative, constructive, engaging and motivated culture
• Improve student, parent and colleague access to staff members when available
• Adhere to compliancy standards and security of student and curriculum data
• Reduce inherent costs – do more with less
• Manage BT’s removal of ISDN services from 2020
• Improve access to management reports and information

Case Study Solution

The MAT chose to roll out the VolP solution throughout the 8 schools to allow the adoption of best practises and common working environments. The handsets were refreshed to provide better reliability, consistency and voice quality supplemented by applications on the staff computers and mobiles to provide flexibility of contact.

Efficiencies in managing messaging and contacts reduced workload, powerful call statistics and reporting delivered to the administrators and inclusive calls reduced costs.

Solutions Identified

• Deployed VolP solution with new high quality handsets
• PC and smartphone soft applications to act as extensions
• Centralised IVR and hunt groups to provide simplified and highly controllable call routing
• Real-time and historic call reporting to provide management information
• Inclusive UK calls drastically reduced communication costs

Case Study Benefits

The adoption of a secure and reliable hosted telephony solution, allowed the MAT to simplify how the staff interact with the students, colleagues and 3rd parties to reduce workload and improve satisfaction. Future-proofing the solution removed legacy concerns and allowed the adoption of best practises to reduce cost and create an inclusive and motivational culture.

Benefits Identified

• Improved staff access and reduced workload pressures
• Uptime of the service measured in years ensuring an ‘always on’ communication service
• Cost reductions plus the opex model allowed for advance commercial planning
• Met regulations for student confidentiality and security of data
• Move to digital telephony to remove legacy ISDN concerns
• Improvements to management reports allowing success to be measured
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