1Connect case study

Case Study Concern

Drax had a solution in place with BT Global Services. The service and solution did not fit their needs and proved to be poor and expensive. They commissioned a full re-build of the WAN solution using best of breed Ethernet products and resilient options. Drax wanted a full belts and braces solution delivering 99.999% up-time between their 3 sites which included an internet breakout.

Concerns Identified

• Increase connection efficiency with Ethernet products
• Adoption of a new cost-effective solution
• Solution to ensure optimum up-time delivery
• A central internet breakout to managing cyber security

Case Study Solution

An ultra-reliable WAN was built using an RAO2 Diverse Plus Split solution, delivering separate duct, fibres, exchange and core PoPs to the Drax network. This gave Drax the ultimate Ethernet WAN to maintain the reliability it required. This was all built back to the powerful Juniper backbone, where the network was split geographically between London and Manchester PoPs.

Solutions Identified

• Solutions required a mix of duct, fibre, exchange and core PoPs
• Juniper Networks hardware provided the WAN foundation
• An RA02 Diverse Plus Split solution secured reliability
• Network built to allow for geographical PoPs split

Case Study Benefits

The WAN solution provided Drax with a network connection between their 3 sites using best of breed Ethernet products enabling faster and more secure connectivity. The new WAN rebuild now delivers uptime of 99.999% using an RAO2 Diverse Plus Split solution and Juniper Networks hardware hosting a network designed to enable a North / South geographical split.

Benefits Identified

• 3 Site WAN Ethernet connectivity
• Data security through Ethernet adoption
• Uptime delivery of 99.999%
• Juniper Networks reliability
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